Fat-free Cheese Sauce

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Fat-free Cheese Sauce

I use a lot of cashews to make my cheeses and sauces, but then try to limit my consumption due to the higher fat content of nuts and seeds. While still a much healthier and lower fat cheese than dairy, all those nut and seed-based dishes can definitely catch up with the waistline! So I created this “cheese” sauce using potatoes! You know how it’s a big no-no to use a blender for your mashed potatoes because they will turn into a gooey mess? Well that makes them perfect for creating a gooey cheese sauce! Delish, fat and guilt-free.

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Fat-free Cheese Sauce

recipe from Lisa Rice's Kitchen Plantastic


2 cups (approx.) unsweetened oat, soy or almond milk (as needed to obtain smooth consistency)

2 baked russet potatoes, sliced lengthwise and scooped, leaving skins somewhat intact (save skins!) *bake extra potatoes for the skins!

1 small baked yam (jewel or garnet – orange flesh), scooped and skins discarded (or eaten!) *or 1 steamed carrot

1/2 cup nutritional yeast

2 tsp dijon mustard

1tsp sea salt or 2 tsp yellow or white miso paste

1 tsp garlic powder or granules

1 tsp onion powder or granules

1⁄4 tsp turmeric powder


I recommend starting with one cup oat/almond/soy milk poured into blender before adding other ingredients so some of the milk is on the bottom before the other ingredients, and add the rest on top. Blend all sauce ingredients together in a Vitamix, blender or food processor, until smooth and gooey like cheese. Add milk a little at a time as needed until smooth, but thick. You could end up using 4 or more cups of plant milk depending on the size of your spuds.

Lisa Rice

Sr. Health Mentor & Director of Content and Promotion